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Conference System

Audio Conference System is used in meeting rooms to amplify the voice of the participants to make it audible for other participants. Audio Conference System required in meeting rooms with capacity of more than 20 persons. In the
beginning analog conference systems were available with chairman unit and delegate units with former having priority
over delegate units. Later on features like, recording, secretary unit were added to the central control unit.

Since around 8-9 years digital conference systems were introduced which has better voice clarity over analog and
with user controlled features like setting sequence of priority, number of microphones to be on at a time, USB recording,
interfacing with telephones, video conference system etc.

Offlate wireless conference systems are available with RF and infrared technologies. These conference system enables the clients to set them up instantly without the hassles of cable routing etc. Now a days in modern board rooms,boundary microphones are being preferred
with automatic mixers. Boundary microphones are small unobtrusive condensed mics which can pick up
voice from 1-3 feet away. Since boundary microphones are more sensitive to ambient noise,most often a feedback suppressor is installed.

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